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At Prairie Built Barns, customer service is our #1 priority. Email us using the form below with questions, concerns, or praise! We look forward to serving you. 


Pricing Questions

For pricing options in your area please find your local dealer and contact them today. They will get your questions answered ASAP.

Delivery Questions

We Offer Free Delivery and Set Up Within a 50 Mile Radius.** 

** Weather and Ground Conditions Permitting.

**Additional Trips May Be Subject to Charge.

**Additional Charges Will Be Assessed To Each Mile Over 50 Miles, One-Way.

**Prairie Built Barns, CTH Rentals, LLC., or Any of their Associates are not responsible for permits, covenant searches, restrictions, setbacks, obstacle removal [including fences], yard damage, or underground damage. Please contact your local building inspector or home owner’s association for information.

Prairie Built Barns sells buildings in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. If you are in Alabama, please visit


Concrete Blocks May Be Used, But Must Be Provided by the Customer, And Must Be Prearranged With Driver Before Delivery